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Strap Jack Guitar Strap Lock

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  • Get a separate STRAP JACK for each of your guitars.
  • Keep a separate STRAP JACK in your practice room, bedroom, living room, or any place you play guitar—just as you keep your guitar picks handy.
  • Give guitarist friends and family members the gift of STRAP JACK.

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    US Patent Number 8,710,341

    This Could Save Your Axe. Really.

    Introducing STRAP JACK for acoustic-electric guitars.

    Strap Jack team at NAMM 2017

    STRAP JACK at NAMM 2017

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    Simply Genius

    STRAP JACK installs in seconds with no changes to your guitar.

    Keep Your Mind On The Music

    Experience worry-free playing with STRAP JACK.

    A Complete System

    Includes a "Guitar Saver" to secure your axe at both ends.