The Strap Jack™ story

Keep your strap on—with Strap Jack.

Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention.

Just like you, we love playing acoustic-electric guitar. And—also just like you—we usually play without an amp, whether jamming with bandmates or practicing at home. But there were too many times when we nearly dropped our precious instrument because the strap kept slipping off—and even a few times when the guitar really did hit the floor. When you’ve invested hundreds, perhaps thousands in your guitar, it's a dangerous situation indeed.

We needed a foolproof way to keep guitars safe from from flying off our shoulders. We searched the Internet and the big-box music stores, but none of the options out there were quite right: strap lock systems have multiple parts, require modification to the guitar, and have to be permanently attached to both the guitar and strap. Some people bring their guitar to a repair shop just to have strap locks installed.

Wasn’t there a simple, portable, one-piece, hassle-free way to keep the strap from slipping off the endpin jack?

That’s why the Strap Jack™ system was invented.

With an original design created in 2009 and a U.S. patent granted in April 2014, Strap Jack has already helped thousands of players avoid dropping their prized guitars ever again.

Who we are

As of 2016, Strap Jack is made by a small team of guitar-playing entrepreneurs in sunny Southern California. From our base in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, we manufacture the Strap Jack system and ship to guitarists all over the world. Look for exciting new designs and new additions to the Strap Jack product line in the near future.