Strap Jack

Strap Jack™

Strap Jack is the best way to keep your acoustic-electric guitar securely strapped on when playing unplugged—preventing your strap from slipping off and protecting your guitar from falling. Strap Jack is simple, inexpensive, works with all acoustic-electric guitars, requires no modification to your instrument and—best of all—it really works!
Strap Jack - Guitar Strap Lock System

Why do I need it?

If you play an acoustic-electric guitar, you know that putting your strap on is difficult because the endpin jack is bigger than the strap hole. And since the strap fits poorly, it can slip off—dangerous when you’re playing unplugged and there’s no instrument cable to catch your guitar. Strap Jack solves this problem and protects your guitar by keeping your strap securely in place.

Strap Jack - Guitar Strap Lock System Installed


How does it work?

Simply attach your guitar strap to the endpin jack of your acoustic-electric guitar and plug Strap Jack in. Attach the other end of your strap and slip the rubber washer over the front strap pin. Strap Jack is a system designed to keep your strap securely in place while you play your guitar unplugged.

Strap Jack - Guitar Endpin Strap Lock

Do I need to alter my guitar in order to use Strap Jack?

No. Strap Jack works with your acoustic-electric guitar’s existing factory installed or aftermarket endpin jack. 

How is Strap Jack different from ordinary strap locks?

Strap Jack requires no modification to your guitar, unlike other strap lock systems that must be permanently installed on your guitar and strap, and require that the endpin be replaced. Strap Jack is a single piece that’s simple to install and remove, and is not permanently attached to either your guitar or your strap (which makes it easy to use one strap with multiple guitars, unlike strap locks). It’s also less expensive! 

US Patent Number 8,710,341